About Us


Nuvida originated from a Korean word, meaning “go around”. We believe that each community in the world has its own unique culture in the beauty industry. We desire to “go around” the world to experience and expose ourselves to those cultures, not only to learn new skills or techniques, but also to share our “Nuvida”culture and inspire each other with new trends. Nuvida, going around, is the first step for everything we desire, and what we believe needs to be carried out for our continuous progress.


We believe sustainability begins with natural, raw ingredients derived from the gentlest of treatment resources while being formulated by our leading team of biochemical professionals who continuously seek advanced cosmetic technologies.


Founded by Parisian bio-chemist Marcel Contier in 1947, La Biosthétique was born from the passion to create hair and beauty products from natural, pure ingredients which work in harmony with our own bio-chemistry.


We specialize in haircuts, colour, perms, digital perms, Japanese hair straightening, hair and scalp treatments, hair extensions, and styling/up-dos. In order to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations, we exclusively use La Biosthétique products whose superior performance has been proven by hair professionals across the world.

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